Wednesday, August 03, 2005

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Two years away, and something other than 2 years older... So I left for like two years. Leaving, easy, but coming back, yeah not quite so easy. Everybody told me that the reverse culture shock is worse than when you leave, but as much as I was ready for what was coming, it was not what expected. Over the next few weeks, I'll be updating some of those challenges. Two thoughts about returning in relation to the time I've been gone. First, in the invinite wisdom of those who make decisions related insurance premiums I am some how less of a risk than I was when I left. While overseas living in a country where every taxi ride is something akin to a high risk version of Russian roulette I crossed that magic age of 25 and with that passing, my insurance dropped. I understand the theory that there are certain age brackets that are higher risk than others, but come on the only thing I leared about driving in that time was that if you don't have bottle opener in your car, seat belts are remarkabely affective at doing such a thing. Of course, not only I am getting credit for my change in age, I am also getting credit for the fact that I have had a clean driving record for two additional years. Go figure, I could either have tried to drive there (likely dying in the process) or I could return a less experienced driver and save on my car insurance. Of course not everybody feels the same way about my departure/return as the insurance people. Some people assume that I lost about 14 years in the two years that I was gone. For some, I am 26 going on 12. As I am with much of my extended family, there are a couple of members of the family who find it necissary to give me "helpful hints about being curteous to others in the family." Have I done anything to earn these? No, in fact they were not really in response to anything that I was doing, but rather preimptive. Of course of all you who know me know that I really am one of the most inconsiderate bastards walking the face of this earth. I never think about others, and quite honestly I am incredibly immature to boot. It's all enough to make me say something sarcastic to the offenders about how I managed to survive taking care of myself in a country halfway around the world. While my aggrivator may still at 56 act without always having regard for how his actions affect others, that is not the case for all of us. Okay, stepping off of my soapbox. In other news, I might possibly maybe might have found a place to live in DC. If I have, I will be moving there at the end August. Now all I have to do is find a job.