Saturday, July 24, 2004

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Okay, so guess what?  I am still around and doing work!!!  I just completed my first of three camps.  This one was in the coldest oblast in the country Naryn, which broad daily highs around 60.  Having just worked with 45 high school students from this country, I must say that I am really impressed.  Their ability and willingness to deal with some of the more challenging issues facing this country (ie bride stealing) was awesome.  These kids not only get the issues, but they feel comfortable talking about the need to change what is seen as a national tradition in a country where national tradition normally rules the day.  The next segment of the camp will take place down South where the temperatures will rise.  I had a wonderful visit with my family.  It was great to have the opportunity to share with them some of what I have been doing and seeing.  It also gives them the opportunity to see where I am and who I work with.  That way when I tell them that I am some place or doing something, they now have a mental picture of the situation.  It was also a wonderful opportunity to get to hear about what is going on in their lives.  I apologize that this may be the last posting for a close to a month (keep checking because I’m not certain), because I will be away from e-mail for a while.  This does not mean that the postings will not continue in the future.  It just means that I am limited by my internet access (don’t forget I’m in an under developing country.)